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Beds, mattresses & bedding

Bed is where you will possibly spend most of your life, why not get the best possible at affordable prices. Our stock range includes all sizes, types and styles from contemporary to classic, four posters to bunk, single to King and Queen sized, beds.

We stock the finest mattresses, sprung, unsprung, latex, foam and memory foam based to suit all types of beds. Bedroom accessories from duvets, sheets and pillows, cushions and throws to bedside tables and lighting are also available to make your bedroom complete.

Let us help

We can arrange for custom building of beds, perhaps to fit in an akward place or perhaps to accommodate a certain style. Our skilled upholsterers can custom make headboards, throws, drapes etc from our extensive range of our fabric samples to complement your design choice.

As always our helpful and friendly staff will be there to assist you with any queries you may have regarding our range or to help you with choice selection. Let our design team create the bedroom of your dreams.


Furniture department

Furniture for each room in your property.

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Beds and bedding department

Beds of all types and a large range of bedding etc.

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Carpet and flooring department

For all your flooring requirements.

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Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings department

Sumptuous soft furnishings to choose from.

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